Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Brunswick

Located just off busy Sydney Road in Brunswick, ACR Roofing were contracted by ongoing client, MBCM Strata Specialists, for a metal roof replacement covering two shops.

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Despite battling inclement weather, ACR Roofing contractors managed to complete the roof replacement project in under one week. Each day an area of roof was removed, ACR Roof plumbers installed additional timber to exaggerate the fall in the existing structure and laid new 60mm roof insulation blanket. BlueScope Plain Zincalume Speed Deck Ultra roof sheeting was then installed in a heavier grade material – this process was completed each day to ensure the new roof remain watertight.

In addition to the roof replacement, all mechanical plant spread over the original roof, were first removed and then fixed to the adjacent brick wall.

It was obvious the original metal roof was in very poor condition and in desperate need of a metal roof replacement. The photos below highlight the transformation and another job well done by ACR Roofing.

Before & After Metal Roof Replacement

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