Roof Replacement Melbourne: Brunswick East

The working relationship with Teska & Carson Pty Ltd continues when they contacted ACR Roofing to inspect a roof they manage for one of their clients.

Upon initial inspection of the roof, a number of areas were found to pose potential problems; severe corrosion had covered the entire roof and had even eaten through the metal. Not only was the roof material in poor condition, but it was lacking any form of safety mesh, thus deeming the roof non-compliant and an extreme OH&S concern.

Having considerable experience in completing the unusual projects most people walk away from, ACR’s roofing contractors in Melbourne got to work and began the roof replacement in stages, installing new safety mesh as they went.

The old, rusted roof is now gone, transformed using BlueScope Plain Zincalume materials and ensuring the roof area is safe and compliant.

Before and After Roof Replacement

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