Metal Residential Roof Replacement – Malvern

ACR Roofing were contacted by a homeowner located in Malvern, who lived directly across the road from a property that had a metal residential roof replacement completed, by none other than ACR Roofing.

Originally feeling impressed witnessing ACR Roofing working for their neighbour, this homeowner decided to contact the team herself, as her own roof was in very poor condition and in desperate need of a metal roof replacement.
Our team strive for perfection and were pleased to hear a neighbour was impressed by our work, as well as the clients.

A beautiful Edwardian house, with an old rusted roof was one we were all looking forward to seeing the transformation.

Whilst battling inclement weather as we approached winter, our roofing professionals completed the metal roof replacement project with ease. The old rusting metal roof was removed and replaced with BlueScope Colorbond corrugated roofing materials, in the colour ‘Night Sky‘. Whilst removing the original roof, our team found the timber battens to be non-compliant, therefore installed additional metal battens to ensure the roof complied with the correct standards.

Evident in the before and after photos below, the metal residential roof replacement results are fantastic. Not only is the ACR team satisfied with the result but more importantly, another happy client.

With over 46 years experience as the number one roof replacement company in Melbourne, ACR Roofing specialise in commercial roofing including metal roofing, asbestos removal and replacement, wall cladding replacement and polycarbonate roofing. We manage the entire roof replacement project, provide you with the best roof plumbers, and ensure your job is completed to the highest standard possible.