Metal Factory Roof Replacement – Highett

ACR Roofing is the number 1 roofing company in Melbourne for Roof Replacements. We excel in metal roof replacements.

The Client:

Our Melbourne roofers continue to satisfy each and every client; we prove this in the quality of each of the Roof Replacements our Melbourne roofers complete. As a result, we have developed a fantastic and trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Recently, we completed a  metal factory roof replacement in Melbourne for a factory in Highett. Our great client was Ronson Gears.

Ronson Gears stocks an extensive range of metric stock gears and associated products of high quality at affordable prices. Ronson Gears is the exclusive distributor for KHK Stock Gears, Japan, giving customers in Australian and New Zealand access to over 15,000 stock gear products.

Upon supplying the initial roof replacement quote, our roofing estimators make sure to cover everything. There are no hidden surprises, and we provide our best professional advice in the scope of works. . Hence our clients know exactly what works will be taking place, and what to expect.

The original condition of the metal roof was very poor with a lot of corrosion. The roof was entirely beyond repair, and therefore the only option was an entire factory roof replacement. Luckily that’s something we specialize in!

The Project:

Our team removed the existing metal roof, completing a section of roof removal each day. Next we installed new safety mesh and an insulation blanket., before laying the new roof. For this particular roof replacement, we laid BlueScope Zinc Deck Sheeting.

The factory also had translucent panels. As you can see in the ‘before’ photos though, the original translucent sheets were barely recognizable! The light transference in the old sheets was greatly reduced and their effectiveness drastically diminished. to fix this we installed, Ampelite¬†Translucent sheeting throughout. With the¬†translucent sheeting now replaced, the effects were immediate and dramatic; allowing natural light to enter the workspace.

The entire roof was flashed and sealed, before a final inspection was conducted by an ACR Roofing director.

The entire metal roof replacement project ran smoothly, with no hiccups. Our team completed the project on time, and handed over a bright factory with plenty of natural light. Most importantly, we delivered a leak free roof.

Another fantastic job by our Melbourne roofers!