Commercial Roof Replacement Clayton

The large scale roof replacement at Goodman Fielder in Clayton is still running beautifully. The commercial roofing contractors are working together and in perfect sync as they always do and we are still on track for a timely finish. There is already a huge difference in the building just by the addition of the skylights. The building is far lighter making it a much more enjoyable and productive place to work. Well done to to the team for continuing to work safely and keeping up their quality work.

The team is back at Goodman Fielder for stage seven of the roof replacement in Clayton. In the final stage of the commercial roofing jobs the boys will strip the old metal roof and replace with brand new BlueScope Speed Deck materials in the Colorbond colour Surfmist. Just like previous stages we are installing skylights to brighten up the warehouse. Look out for progress in the coming months as this project will be in full swing.