Commercial Roof Replacement Thomastown

ACR Roofing are experienced in tailoring asbestos removal and roof replacement programs that work to our clients’ schedule and planning. So when Endeavour Group contacted us with their concerns on timing our solution was to complete the project over weekends, which has huge advantages ensuring premises can operate as normal. Our first weekend ran like clockwork so keep an eye out for progress and completion of this project in Thomastown.

ACR  Roofing were asked By The Endeavour Foundation to remove and replace this large asbestos roof (5300M2) whilst keeping it operational.  Turn to the expects.

It was completed in only 4 weekends, each Monday the premises was clean, water tight and with the asbestos clearance certificates for occupancy.  The most satisfying part of this project was being able to deliver our promise to the client that they could stay operational and be at no risk.

The images of before and after speak for themselves.