Commercial Roof Replacement Sandringham

Domo, located on Bay Road in Sandringham, are Australia’s most exclusive European furniture suppliers. Having had  ACR Roofing complete the roof replacement of their main warehouse back in 2010, Domo knew who to call when they were experiencing water entry above their offices.

Upon inspection of the roof, our estimators found it littered with redundant air conditioning duct work, as well as severe corrosion issues caused by the flat structure.  It was decided the best course of action was a full roof replacement in Melbourne, which included providing additional pitch to the roof as well as increased depth and capacity of the box gutters.

Our plumbers coordinated the entire process;  from craning materials up, to the removal of redundant duct work and plant platforms, and the installation of Bluescope Apdeck roof sheeting. All box gutters and internal downpipes were also replaced to ensure the valuable stock below was once again safe from the elements.

The end result is a beautiful new roof clear of penetrations and compliant with Australian codes. Most importantly, this was all achieved by our Melbourne roofers without interrupting Domo’s business, and once again ACR Roofing have achieved their goal of satisfying another client.