Commercial Roof Replacement Melbourne: Pentridge Prison

Pentridge Prison, originally built in 1850 and closed in 1997, is today remembered as one of Australia’s famous prisons, housing some of Victoria’s most notorious criminals.

The historical site is now in the midst of a series of developments, the main objective is to create an integrated hub of community activity with both commercial, residential and retail spaces, whilst celebrating the site’s rich heritage. Preserving the site’s historic integrity, such as the famous bluestone walls, is a priority. Thoughtful design and high quality construction will seamlessly integrate new buildings with existing heritage assets.

This is where ACR Roofing comes in; our Melbourne roofers have been working under the direction of Project Supervisors, JBM Group, in restoring the famous buildings. ACR Roofing have now completed two stages of works, including two separate metal roof replacements, installing new Galvanized Corrugated roof sheeting on both the Admin Building and E Division building.

We will continue to update all of the roofing works our team complete, stay tuned for what’s to come!

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