Roof Replacement Melbourne – Fitzroy

Constructed in 1881, this beautiful home was originally owned by the Mayor of Fitzroy and was a popular venue for the “social set” of Melbourne and interstate politicians as the Parliament sat in the Exhibition Buildings across the road.

In 1983 the property was purchased by the Catholic Women’s League for their Headquarters and renamed Mary Glowrey House, providing accommodation for people from rural and regional areas undergoing medical treatment.

This project presented some unique challenges, as the double story dwelling had very limited access around it. We had scaffolding erected around the perimeter and all materials had to be manually loaded onto the roof. The roof itself was severely corroded and leaking quite badly, a sure sign it was past its used-by date! Now, with a new BluesSope Colorbond roof and gutters, this wonderful house is once again watertight and ready for its next chapter to be written.

As is our specialty, we were able to finish the roof replacement while the house remained occupied, with no disruption to the residents.