Commercial Metal Roof Replacement, West Melbourne

Metal Roof Replacement in Melbourne

ACR’s roofers in Melbourne were contracted by the Port of Melbourne to complete a metal roof replacement on an existing 32,000m2 warehouse in West Melbourne. ACR Roofing contractors commenced works in May, and worked hard right through until August, working both weekdays and weekends to complete the roof project.

The warehouse is used as a holding area for materials which have come by sea and will be distributed throughout Victoria.

It has been imperative that ACR roof plumbers keep the warehouse watertight throughout the duration of the roof replacement. Careful planning and communicating to the tenants has also been very important, particularly as the flow of traffic around the site has been busy and constant; including trucks, semis and forklifts.

ACR Roofing have done a fantastic job and were able to meet the tight schedule to complete this massive commercial metal roof replacement in Melbourne by the due date.