Commercial Metal Roof Replacement – West Melbourne

Located on the outskirts of busy Melbourne CBD, ACR Roofing contractors were called out to inspect the metal roof on a commercial building in West Melbourne.

The tenants in the building were experiencing internal water issues during the wetter months and upon inspection of the metal roof, it was obvious why. Our Melbourne roofers proposed that given it was the original roof, it was beyond the point of repair and the only option was a full metal roof replacement.

Due to the location of the roof, ACR Roofing contractors required the use of a mobile crane to load and unload all materials onto and off the roof. Each day our team of expert roof plumbers completed a section of the roof replacement; this process ensures the commercial property remains watertight at the end of each day.

Once an area was removed, safety mesh and brand new BlueScope Colorbond Corrugated roof sheeting was installed, in the colour Surfmist.

As evident in the photos below, the original metal was in very poor condition, however with the help of the number one roofing contractor in Melbourne, ACR Roofing has completely transformed the building.