Commercial Roof Replacement Melbourne: Mulgrave

Located on busy Wellington Road, ACR Roofing contractors had the task ahead of them to complete a 3,000m2 commercial metal roof replacement in Mulgrave.

Upon first inspection of the commercial roof, it was obvious to ACR’s Melbourne roofers that the existing metal roof was in very poor condition; the roofing material was covered in corrosion and the safety mesh in place was deemed unsafe.

In under a month, our roofers in Melbourne stripped the entire existing roof, installed new safety mesh to lay over the existing and installed brand new Zincalume roof materials, in a Metrospan profile and a heavier grade. ACR Roofing also installed 8 full runs of Ampelite Wonderglass Gel Coated Translucent sheeting, on each side of the gable roof from ridge to gutter.

The photos below highlight the dramatic change and fantastic transformation. Great job to all involved!