Commercial Metal Roof Replacement – Cremorne

Our roofers in Melbourne enjoy taking on the large roof replacement projects that others may back away from. Therefore, when faced with a 3,500m2 roof replacement in Cremorne, we were ready for the challenge. Due to the tight and busy streets of Cremorne, certain aspects of this job would be tricky! However, our Melbourne roofers make it work.

The original metal roof was old and in extremely bad condition. Water pooling covered the roof; leading to corrosion throughout. As a result, the only option for this building was an entire roof replacement.

Working in different areas each day, we had a large team onsite to work through the project efficiently. We battled all sorts of inclement weather along the way – to be expected in Melbourne!

That being said, the roofing replacement project was completed in a matter of weeks with no issues.

The Roof Replacement

To begin, our commercial roofers in Melbourne removed all of the existing metal roofing materials and disposed of. Next, we install safety mesh as well as sarking foil.

Next, we complete the roof installation. In this case, we installed Speed Deck Ultra roofing materials; in Zincalume and a heavier grade. Due to the size of the roof, we therefore needed to not only install a lot of materials, but dispose of the old. As a result, we scheduled a number of cranes throughout the duration of the roof replacement works.

To finish the roof, we install all associated flashings, as well as box gutters and overflows.

After being onsite for some time, we are very happy with the end result of this roof replacement project! It looks fantastic and has solved any problems an old, leaky roof can cause.

In addition to our satisfaction, our client is happy with the work as well! Here’s what Duncan, from No Pressure Plumbing had to say;

“No Pressure Plumbing was highly recommended to engage in ACR Roofing due to their excellent reputation for a large re-roofing projects. We could not fault our experience with ACR Roofing as they provided a 5-star service from when we first engaged them for works to completion of the project, for us their reputation exceeded our expectations. We are excited about engaging this company for all our future works and cannot recommend ACR Roofing enough”
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