Asbestos Removal Melbourne: Heidelberg West

Being no stranger to asbestos roofs, the ACR Roofing team were called out to another asbestos removal in Melbourne, this time a warehouse in Heildelberg West.

Due to the location and height of the building, a number of additional items and equipment were required to complete the works; such as a mobile crane to load and unload all materials onto and off the roof area. As the building was in close proximity to live power lines, a local power authority was also required to ensure the ACR roofing contractors and tenants were safe during the asbestos removal and roof replacement.

The ugly asbestos roof was transformed into a leak free and much more appealing roof using BlueScope Plain Zincalume materials. ACR Roofing have done it again!


Happy customer feedback: “We were very impressed with the professional manner in which ACR performed during our roof replacement. All questions and other inquiries were answered promptly. They met all the timelines given and the job went seamlessly, and above all they did a great job, exactly as specified. I would have no hesitation in recommending ACR to anyone with roofing needs.”

Before and After Asbestos Removal

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