Domestic Asbestos Removal Melbourne: Chelsea

The ACR Roofing team recently undertook the removal and complete roof replacement of an old, deteriorating asbestos roof on a block of flats in Chelsea. Led by one by of our experienced roofing specialists in Melbourne, Kurtis, the end result was exactly what the client had been hoping for.

This particular asbestos roofing job included a number of challenges, which we easily overcame: we worked within all the tenants plans and schedules, ensuring that their day-to-day living arrangements were not effected at all. Plus, we re-battoned the entire roof as the existing structure was very poor.

As the images below demonstrate, the entire roof line and structure was extremely uneven. This re-battoning process eliminating any areas that were sagging, and resulted in an even roof line. All the tenants and owners can now rest easy, knowing that their brand new roof is completely safe and secure.