Asbestos roof replacement – Moorabbin

The Melbourne Roofing Client

The transformation of commercial spaces often comes with a need for safety, modernity, and aesthetic appeal. ACR Roofing, a prominent name in the roofing industry, has recently achieved a commendable feat by successfully replacing an asbestos roof with the modern and versatile BlueScope Plain Zincalume roofing system at Woodfrog Bakery in Moorabbin. This project stands as a testament to ACR Roofing’s commitment to providing safe, durable, and visually appealing solutions for roofing challenges.

Asbestos, once used widely in construction, is now recognised as a health hazard due to its carcinogenic properties. Woodfrog Bakery, a cherished establishment in Moorabbin, found itself grappling with an aging asbestos roof that posed significant risks to both its staff and patrons. In response to these concerns, the bakery’s management took a proactive step by opting for the replacement of the hazardous roof.

The Job

ACR Roofing’s reputation as a roofing expert with a strong focus on safety and quality made them the natural choice for this transformative project. Their proficiency in handling such complex endeavours, combined with their selection of the appropriate roofing material, paved the way for the successful replacement of the asbestos roof.

ACR Roofing‘s approach to safety is unwavering. They meticulously devised a plan to remove the asbestos roof while adhering to the strictest safety protocols. This ensured the well-being of their crew, the bakery’s staff, and the surrounding environment.

The selection of BlueScope Plain Zincalume as the replacement roofing material reflects ACR Roofing’s dedication to providing modern and durable solutions. BlueScope Plain Zincalume is known for its resilience, longevity, and sleek appearance, making it an ideal choice for this project.

The installation of the BlueScope Plain Zincalume roofing system was executed with utmost precision by ACR Roofing‘s skilled team. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality resulted in a roof that not only meets safety standards but also enhances the bakery’s visual appeal.