Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Moorabbin

ACR Roofing have been located in Moorabbin for over 40 years. We have completed over 100 commercial roof replacements in the area and would like to think our name and reputation withstands.

A large warehouse (Phoenix) with 3500m2 of asbestos roof had been siting across the road from our factory just waiting to be replaced. It was only a matter of time the business owner came over and asked “Can you please replace my roof?’’ – and so began another asbestos roof replacement by ACR Roofing.

Insurance on the property was due and with the current restrictions, the business owner found out that they would not be able to receive any insurance on the property, as the roof contained asbestos. With the highlighted dangers of a fire in a commercial warehouse that contains asbestos material, insurance companies are now relinquishing any cover of a building that has an asbestos roof. This is where we come into play.

ACR Roofing Melbourne have been replacing asbestos roofs for over 48yrs , holding asbestos and plumbing licenses, which makes us a one stop shop.
Once ACR Roofing were awarded the Asbestos Roof Replacement, a number of site meetings were held where we addressed their entire workforce answering any concerns – once again reassuring everyone we have years of experience, the staff have no concerns with our procedure, and that asbestos removal and roof replacements are what we complete daily.

Phoenix are a thriving business and were unable to close coming into the busy Christmas period. We were able to isolate a section of their warehouse each day, which allowed them to continue their operations throughout the entire process.

All their equipment remained, as there was no need to remove or relocate while our highly qualified Melbourne roofers complete both the asbestos roof removal and replacement, this ensuring the entire building remains watertight at day’s end.

ACR Roofing take care of everything and this project required a lot; crane lifts, electrical works, spotters, daily visual clearance certificates, air monitoring, safety equipment, EWP equipment and perimeter safety rail, all completed and organised by our roofing contractors.

The entire asbestos roof replacement took place over two weeks and saw Phoenix without any disruptions or inconvenience throughout.
To some, a large roof replacement on an occupied, operational building sounds hard and difficult; to ACR Roofing, this is just a standard Melbourne roofing project and one we excel in.