Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Hawthorn

ACR Roofing specialises in Asbestos Roof Removal and Roof Replacement projects. The ACR Roofing Team hold their licence for asbestos removal and have years of experience! Only licenced roof plumbers can complete the removal and replacement of asbestos roofing. For this reason, ACR Roofing treats Asbestos Roof Replacement projects VERY seriously. Our roofers comply with both Worksafe and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) standards for all asbestos roof replacement projects.

When contracting ACR Roofing to complete your asbestos removal and roof replacement project, you are in good hands. As a result of our outstanding service, we have a large number of ongoing clients. One of which is Gorman Commercial. The team at Gorman Commercial have contracted our team for a number of roof replacement services. Most recently, to complete an asbestos roof replacement, on one of their managed commercial properties, located in Victoria Street, Hawthorn.

Whilst on site completing our pre-start check, the owner of the adjoining building, a motor mechanic approached the ACR Roofing staff member. They too had asbestos roofing and had been contemplating having it removed for years. Knowing that we were replacing nexdoor’s asbestos roof, the mechanic proceeded with getting his asbestos roofing removed at the same time. Therefore we completed two asbestos roof replacements at once.

As the new tenants plan to undertake internal works, all parties are keen to have the asbestos roof works complete ASAP! Our Melbourne roofers ensure we keep all property managers, owners and tenants updated on scheduling. As a result, all trades can coordinate and the project runs smoothly. Communication is a key factor to ensure the success of each roof replacement project!

Again with limited and restricted locations to crane up and down all materials, Victoria Street was our only option. Council approval and permits were received, power identification tags were installed and traffic management was used to cordon off all traffic and secure the site.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Our Melbourne roofers begin by installing safety rail, and loading all roofing materials and walkways onto the roof, via crane lift. Once all materials are loaded and ready to go, we begin by removing the asbestos roof.

After receiving an asbestos clearance certificate, we install safety mesh and insulation blanket. Next, the new roof; BlueScope Plain Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting, in a heavier grade material. Furthermore, we install new Ampelite Translucent sheeting, to each side of the gable roof. Finally, we install new Ventilators, flashings and cappings, and seal the roof.

The roof replacement works are complete within the time frame allocated, and with no disruptions! Another successful asbestos roof replacement project to add to the ACR Roofing Case Studies.