Asbestos Roof Replacement Fairfield

ACR Roofing were contacted by Gazman and were asked to remove and replace their old asbestos roof from a large warehouse located in Fairfield. Being no stranger to unusual and large scale asbestos removal projects that most people walk away from, we completed the entire asbestos replacement without any interruptions or concerns.

Once again we were given a restricted time frame to complete the works and that the building were to be available each day for their staff at 11am. All of Gazman’s stock remained protected and covered over before any asbestos removal took place.

Each day the ACR Roofing team removed an area of the asbestos roof, received an asbestos clearance certificate and replaced the area removed. This process was completed each day and ensured the building remained watertight at day’s end throughout the roof replacement.

The old asbestos roof was replaced using BlueScope Plain Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting and Ampelite Industrial translucent sheeting installed on every second bay, allowing natural light throughout.

Client feedback: “End result is great. The natural light is a huge improvement. The roofers do a great job. On the really hot days the temp was much better in the warehouse and overnight it really cools the warehouse down. We were impressed with the smooth operation” – Julian, Gazman GM.

Before & After Asbestos Roof Replacement

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