Asbestos Roof Replacement Broadmeadows

The once popular NQR Store in downtown Broadmeadows, previously habited by local shoppers and traders, sourcing fresh fruit, vegetables and other household staples has been undergoing a face lift, or a transformation. Not Scotty Cam and his crew from the Block – No, they were not required here as we had the ever reliable ACR Roofing contractors on duty.

On this asbestos roof removal and roof replacement project, we were led by our own “ace in the pack” Ray – Razorray Newman. Razor smashed it out of the park with his usual lack of fanfare, and supreme modesty. He hit the nail on the head on this one, did our wise old Owl Ray.

ACR Roofing and our client Intermain, were able to work on the replacement of this roof during a difficult situation. We became accustomed and conditioned to wearing face masks, washing hands, sanitizing and following Covid 19 safe plans. This roof and wall cladding project was huge!!! 8000m2 of roofing and 1500m2 of wall cladding.  Keeping a 1.5 distance posed no problems on this roof.

The client chose to install Metroll 650 Deck product to ensure compliance for large Purlin Spans, and for added colour and a brightness to the façade, the client chose to install BlueScope Windspray Trimdek sheeting for the wall cladding.

‘We are very happy with the finished look of this roof.  The high ribs of the Metroll 650 enhance the flow of water, and it is a product that is suitable also on very minimal pitch designs. Thanks to all who worked on this Melbourne roof replacement project, and who followed directions and COVID plans ensuring that we could continue.