Asbestos Roof Replacement – Box Hill

The Client:

For this Asbestos Removal and roof replacement project, our client was a very well known manufacturer of paper products. Our client of course was Sorbent. Sorbent is a very well known and loved Australian brand of toilet and facial tissues. The irony of completing the (toilet) paper mill roof during Melbourne’s 4th Lockdown period was not lost on any of us!¬† Of course when our client came to us with their specific and tight time frame in mind, none of us knew we’d once again be in panic-buying mode. Just kidding. Roofers never panic.

Timeframe and Deadlines:

The reason for the specific time frame for this asbestos removal project was that the Box Hill facility was scheduled to close down for exactly two weeks to complete a machinery upgrade. And we were only able to complete the asbestos removal with the building below vacant. This was the perfect opportunity for our team of Melbourne roofers to complete our work. Completing over 2100m2 of asbestos stripping and roof replacement in two weeks was going to be a challenge. Fortunately our skilled project management team and expert roofers at ACR Roofing were well prepared to meet even the toughest deadline.

The Project:

For this project we needed to remove the existing asbestos roofing and redundant roof mounted equipment. We also needed to remove and dispose of ventilation equipment in preparation for the upgrade. This meant extra cranes were needed on site, and extra bins. Once we stripped a section of asbestos we’d replace it with safety mesh, sarking foil, and heavier gauge Colorbond Roof Sheeting. For this project our client chose Pale Eucalypt for their new roof – a gentle colour that suggests tranquility and beauty.

There wasn’t a lot of tranquility for our busy roofers as they worked hard each day, and over the weekends to complete the job on time. But thanks to their dedication and experience, our amazing Melbourne roofers¬†completed this job on time. And the resulting roof certainly looks impressive! Great work ACR Roofing. Another success story.