Asbestos Removal Melbourne: Preston

For the third year in a row, whilst everyone enjoyed their Easter long weekend break, the ACR Roofing contractors were hard at work completing continuing asbestos removal in Melbourne for our ongoing loyal client, Huhtamaki.

Each Easter long weekend, whilst the Huhtamaki team are away for the short break, the ACR roofers complete roof works following on from previous years. The asbestos roof replacement project consisted of the asbestos removal and replacement of 2x sawtooth roofs, along with the removal and replacement of translucent fibreglass wall cladding.

Each year we are met with the deadline to complete the entire scope of works within the 4 day break – however with skillful management and expert roofing skills, our team completed the roof replacement in 2.5 days!


View previous completed works for Huhtamaki here; 2017 2018

The thought of an asbestos roof replacement may seem confusing.
ACR Roofing simplify the process into
Seven steps for an uninterrupted Roof Replacement:

1 Engage ACR Roofing-

Licensed asbestos removalist and roof plumbers; site meetings/ briefings, for you and your staff. Learn how the asbestos removal and roof replacement takes place.

2 Notification-

Our team will notify WorkSafe and the neighbouring businesses/ properties of the Melbourne roofing works we are completing.

3 Preparation-

Install all safety equipment, hand rail, scaffold, access tower, crane and load all materials onto the roof area/ site.

4 Removal-

Remove a section of asbestos each day, decontaminate all, engage an independent hygienist to issue a clearance certificate.

5 Replacement-

Installation of all new materials, safety mesh, roof insulation blanket, gutters, roof sheeting, translucent sheeting.

6 Completion-

Final asbestos clearance certificate issued and received, new roof installed and completely caped- watertight.

7 Hand Over-

ACR Director completes a final inspection. Client receives EPA waste dockets, BlueScope Warranty, VBA Plumbing compliance certificate.

ACR Roofing Director, Paul Owens, taking a ‘Drone Selfie’ whilst capturing completed footage, with Huhtamaki Facilities Manager, Ernie.