Commercial Asbestos Roof Replacement Springvale

ACR Roofing have been providing re-roofing in Melbourne to Solenis for the last 7 years, and again we were asked back to complete an asbestos removal for another of their buildings. This time we removed and replaced the asbestos roof and wall cladding to the Hi Phase building.

SolenisĀ is a leading global supplier of water treatment and process chemicals, and supports customers with application insights and practical expertise. This project was completed on Saturdays and Sundays only where the ACR roofers removed and replaced all of the asbestos sheeting to strict standards and guidelines. All of the air monitoring results were emailed on Sundays to the Solenis management.

The difference in this completed asbestos removal is staggering, as it was once a dilapidated warehouse and now a safe and clean building which is pleasing to the eye.

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