Asbestos Roof Removal & Roof Replacement Melbourne: Sunshine

Akzo Nobel

The end of 2021 and our latest Christmas shutdown project was out at the Akzo Nobel site in Sunshine North.

3000m2 of super six asbestos roof and wall replacement in Sunshine North which has been slowly deteriorating – the roof leaks were causing internal grief and had only become worse in the past few months.

Over 65yrs since the asbestos roofing was installed on this large factory in Sunshine, it had definitely come to its end of life. Like most things, they expire, start breaking down and causing problems… in this case, serious problems.

The operating business had implemented measures and precautions to prevent water from accessing their equipment. Unable to repair any asbestos roofing, they realised there was no other option but to have their asbestos roofing removed, and engaged ACR Roofing Melbourne.


As experts in making coatings, chances are you’re only ever a few meters from one of Akzo Nobel’s products. Active in over 150 countries, they’ve set their sights on becoming the global industry leader. It’s what you’d expect from the most sustainable paints company, which has been inventing the future for more than two centuries.

As this was a Christmas shutdown project, we had time constraints from the client because they could only shut the plant down for a short time only. We succeeded in finishing the roof replacement project well ahead of the deadline and gave the site back, which was very pleasing to the business.

The roofers at ACR Roofing were able to remove a section each day and have the roof closed over at day’s end, which ensures all equipment and materials are secure and watertight. Our Melbourne roofers completed both the asbestos roof removal and roof replacement, eliminating the need for any subcontractors.

We were given 3 weeks to complete the entire asbestos roofing removal and roof replacement. Like all roofing projects, a lot of exercises are required before any works take place:

• Organising and coordinating meetings, providing planned schedules and implementing all safety measures.
• Access tower and perimeter safety rail installed, securing the entire building and eliminating any fall hazard.
• All materials craned onto the roof
• Once a section of the asbestos roof had been removed, we installed safety mesh, 60mm roof insulation blanket and last but not least the new BlueScope Colorbond roof.
• Akzo Nobel chose to install Colorbond Deep Ocean roof material and Colorbond Surfmist wall cladding.
• Throughout the warehouse Ampelite Wonderglas Gel Coated translucent sheeting was installed to provide natural light throughout.
• Once the entire roof has been removed and replaced, the mobile crane returned and all materials were craned off and loaded into waiting waste skips.
• Rhino Bins, our waste supplier and transporter, then transfers all asbestos roofing material to a certified EPA waste site.

Akzo Nobel were extremely impressed with our promise and being able to complete the entire asbestos roof replacement within the 4 week timeframe.
The roof and wall looks fantastic, and once again, another satisfied client.