How to Install a Colorbond Fence

So, you’ve got your brand new Colorbond roof and your house is looking a million bucks. The problem is, that picket fence is looking a bit shabby and it’s not letting your Colorbond roof shine like it should. Sure, you could get the paint out and give it a quick lick but we all know a paintjob doesn’t last.

If you want to give your fence a permanent makeover why don’t you give your fence the same gift you gave your roof – give it the gift of Colorbond. A Colorbond fence doesn’t need to be painted once a year, just give it a hose down and it will last forever.

So, here are some tips on installing your Colorbond fence:


To install your fence you’ll need the following equipment, which you’ll be able to pick up or hire from you local hardware store:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Self-drilling screw gun
  • String line and marker pegs
  • Spirit level
  • Scissor shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Larry hoe
  • Spud bar
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker
  • Safety glasses
  • Protective gloves
  • Tin snips
  • Nibber
  • Concrete mixer
  • Posthole digger

Installing Your Fence

  • The first thing you need to do is mark out your post holes using the string line and marker pegs.
  • Once you have marked them out use the posthole digger to dig out the holes, after they have been dug out you can fix the posts on the ground, adjust the height and fill it with concrete.
  • The next step is to affix the bottom rail to the posts, making sure they sit about 50mm above the ground.
  • Installing the infill sheets:
    • To check that the posts and bottom rail are in the right place affix the top rail and gently screw it in. Leave the structure overnight or until the cement has dried.
    • Take off the top rail and slide the infill sheets into the bottom rail, making sure to get the right overlap between each sheet.
    • Place the top rail back on top of the infill and working from one end to the other use a rubber mallet to make the fit flush.
    • Secure the top rail with self-drilling screws.

Your fence is all finished! All that’s left to do is give your fence a hose down to get rid of any debris. Then stand back and admire your work and the way the Colorbond fence and roof combo have given your house a whole new lease on life.

Maintaining Your Colorbond Fence

  • Colorbond is famous for how easy it is to maintain—your fence will be just as easy to maintain as your roof. The best thing you can do for your fence is spray it down to remove any excess dirt and grime. You can simply do this whenever you’re cleaning the car or watering the garden. If cobwebs are other debris have built-up, use a soft broom to clean up your fence.
  • It’s important that you don’t allow soil to build up around your fence and you should never use your fence as a retaining wall. Soil absorbs water and if the soil comes in contact with the Colorbond, it can cause corrosion.
  • You also need to be careful when using fertilizers and weed killers in the garden, as these harsh chemicals will strip the paint from your beautiful fence. If you accidentally strip your fence don’t use touch up paint. The spots on your fence will either need to be left alone, or you’ll need to replace the entire sheet. Touch up paint won’t last like Colorbond steel does so you will end up with a spotty fence.

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