The First of Its Kind: Roofing Sheets with Built-In Solar Panels

ACR Roofing was recently invited to inspect a brand new roofing material: fibreglass sheets with built-in solar panels. Developed by, and installed at, The Speciality Group’s Moorabbin factory, it is the first install of its kind.

The revamped solar panelling, named Enersheet, is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional solar panels that are currently on the market.

The Specialty Group has developed roof sheets that integrate photovoltaic material in the form of large format glass reinforced plastic (GRP) sheeting with photovoltaic cells affixed onto the surface through an automated production technique.

The result is a single-layer roofing product that is capable of providing protection from the elements, as well as generating renewable energy from the sun. By integrating the solar panels directly into the roof sheets, the usual costly two-step installation process (installing the roof sheets and then installing the solar panels) is cut in half.

The automated manufacturing process also reduces associated labour costs, making solar roofing low cost, lightweight, easy to install and aesthetically appealing.

The Specialty Group currently has a number of a solar roofing test stations established across Victoria. Once reliable performance data is collated, the material will be launched both locally and internationally. ACR Roofing is looking forward to using the new material in the years to come.

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